Start Smart Consultants Ministry (CSS) was founded by Dr. Mary Rogers in 2003. Our desire is to help those in genuine need of Christian based counseling to survive and overcome life’s social problems and be the best they can be. It’s an organization designed for men, women, children, entrepreneurs, and just about anyone who aspires to maximize their potential. Our expertise has grown to include:

We are one of the pioneers of the online counseling industry which only became a reality through the birth of the internet. With internet counseling, you can get all the benefits of visiting a therapist but without the expensive fees or having to leave home. Online counseling means that you can get the help you need using the internet. We will always have a counselor available to you when you need.

If you are in need of Christian counseling, Start Smart has made it convenient and affordable for you to have that personal one on one Q & A time with her without you leaving the comfort of your home. We are committed to working with anyone, male, female, young, old, single, married, or divorced who has the desire to cultivate, education, or advance in life. We encourage you to tour the site, read some of Dr. Mary’s notes, and begin your smart start to rebuilding your life. Start Smart Today!


In 1986, my husband and I began building a Christian ministry that developed into a full fledged church in Houston, TX. In addition to my role as pastor’s wife, I also served as Director of Christian Education & the principal Counselor helping members of the church and local community.

We noticed a need in our local community for counseling services with a Christian perspective. I began working diligently on developing a curriculum & training a staff for a Christian counseling ministry to fill this need & to provide counseling services to local families.

As our ministry grew, I redirected my career to focus more on the online counseling ministry that will afford me to reach more people through internet counseling & coaching services as well as post graduate education.

Organizing this website has been a tremendous blessing and I am privileged to have the prayerful support of those around me, most of all, my husband and friend. Further, I am grateful to the Heavenly Father for allowing me to have had the success in working with men, women and children and for proclaiming the Good News – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.